The Territory


Surrounded by green hills which act as a crown, Misano Adriatico extends over a surface area of 2.243 hectares from the north-east coastline of the Adriatic and the River Conca running to the south-east which separates it from Cattolica, San Giovanni in Marignano, the territories of San Clemente and Coriano to the south-west, and the territory of Riccione to the north-west. It is separated from the latter by various courses of water: the Raibano, the Fossa and the Alberello rivulet.


The territory extends to the hinterland and apart from numerous bathing establishments, the accommodation structures and a renowned tourist port, it offers ample green areas and a naturalistic oasis on the river Conca.


The height over sea level varies from a minimum of 1 metre to a maximum of 167 metres in the vicinity of mount Annibolina: the average height is about 49 metres. The oldest populated centre in the Misano Monte locality is at a height of 97 metres above sea level.

This centre is in a panoramic position incised on a hill north of the Pancione rivulet and to the south of the Pozzetto rivulet, which on the left flow into the most important Agina rivulet which then flows directly into the Adriatic sea and divides the town territory in two parts. The Alberello rivulet which, originates in the Misano hills (in Scacciano) on the border with Riccione also follows its own course directly to the Adriatic.


The territory is distributed in fractions: apart from the centre in the seaside area, where there is the town hall and the council offices, there are the localities Misano Brasile, Villaggio Argentina, Scacciano, Misano Monte, Misano Cella, Santamonica, Belvedere and Portoverde. Altogether there are about 12.000 residents. A close network of roads connect the populated centres to the town centre and the neighbouring villages.


The distance from other important Italian localities is as follows: 15 km from Rimini, 120 km from Bologna, 110 km from Ancona, 40 km from San Marino, 45 km from Urbino, 10 km from Gradara, 65 km from Ravenna, 174 km from Florence and 225 km from Venice.